Meet the Team

These are the folks that make Season 2 do what we do.

About Season 2 Unlimited

The most common question from our customers and admirers is, “How did you end up in this business?” And the truth is…”We have NO idea.” I guess you could say it was a good mix of our desire to repurpose existing materials and the drive to build something unique…combined with a healthy mix of opportunistic drive and entrepreneurial ideas.


Having always wanted to create a company that would make something artistic, yet functional, we had the desire and motivation to succeed. We were eager to prove we had what it takes to make things happen – to ourselves and to others. We wanted to create a company that was known for detail, quality, and craftsmanship…something that would set us apart from our competition. Our drive coupled with our vision for repurposing materials and crafting some of the finest home furnishings around definitely created the environment of adventure!


From our very first Unbranded event in Deep Ellum, it has been a thrill to see people excited for us and appreciate our handcrafted products. We continue to expand our product line, perfect our designs, and incorporate feedback from our customers. We have discovered that many of the Season 2 friends and followers are devout wine enthusiasts and experience nostalgia with our products.  For others, it isn’t so much about the wine, but the uniqueness of each piece. We focus on keeping the character and charm of each barrel in order to create a piece that resonates natural beauty. Bringing these pieces to life and showcasing every dent and branding mark from a life well lived…this is what we love. Finding the beauty in the defects…this is who we are as a company, and who we are individually.


We truly love what we do and thank you for your time, interest, business, and involvement with Season 2 Unlimited. We are so thrilled to do what we do and to be able to do it together.


Steven Tomlin
Christa Robson