The Craftsman

...tea drinker and chief broom operator.


Growing up in Louisiana, the idea of “sustainable” products really wasn’t part of my day-to-day vernacular. We lived a life of “if you need something…make it from what you have laying around.” This created a lifetime of working with wood items in order to build what I needed. From early life, I developed this passion and it continues to grow.

“Sustainable living”, “reusing”, “repurposing”, and “recycling” are all the rage these days…but they are so much more to me. These phrases are a way of life. A concept that has become a belief. And in the process, each handcrafted recycled or upcycled piece reveals the artistry of developing pieces that stand apart and become heirloom pieces.

Whether using materials stained by red wine or creatively displaying wear that only exposure to the elements can produce, I take great pride in crafting pieces of art that is unique just for you. Thank you for your interest in our business and for helping us to do what we love!

Steven Tomlin
Master Craftsman