The beginning

Wine barrels are typically made from select oak, milled from mills located in the mid-west or France. The oak trees that produce wine barrel wood are grown specifically for this reason. Theprocess_02se special forests of oak trees are well protected and produce lumber that is ideal for wine barrel construction. It takes 75 to 100 years to grow the trees trunk long enough to yield straight and knot free lumber. Only 15% of the tree can be used to make barrels. This is so because the wood needs to be free of knots and defects in order to ensure a watertight seal.

Season 2 products and furniture begins with wine barrels that are discarded by wineries in the Napa Valley of California. Wine stored in oak barrels get the wood flavor from these barrels and is required to create fine wine. A barrel is discarded after it is exhausted of its wood flavor, however, the structural integrity and strength of the wood will last for years.

The quality of these wine barrels warrant its recycling. The end result is the creation of functional pieces of art.