The process

Our process doesn’t begin in our work shop. The process has began long before at the cooperage when the barrel begins its life, then continues at the winery. Here, the barrel is filled with red wine and gets its permanent red stain. After the barrel has reached its usefulness at the winery, thprocess_01at’s where Season 2 begins.

Each cooperage crafts their barrels a little differently and this effects how it will hold stain, how it can be crafted into furniture, and ultimately…what kind of piece it becomes when converted. The wine barrel is carefully taken apart and the staves individually selected, shaped, sanded, and polished.

Once we select a barrel, decide on what it will become, and it’s been shaped, sanded, and polished…then real work begins. For our larger furniture pieces, each piece of furniture utilizes one barrel. This ensures a consistent stain and maintains continuity in wear marks and individuality.